Monday, September 7, 2009

Sew Day

Wanted to share with you it was "Sew Day" with the girls on Friday. That is me in the front, Dianne next & Penny. Funny how we ended up standing my height.

Penny comes to my house twice a week & we sew together, well this day, Dianne wanted to learn how to make a handbag, so she came for the fun.
I know it's a tight squeeze in my sewing room but everyone had a sewing station & ironing station. It all worked out just fine.

Here is Dianne & Penny with their bags.

Dianne is happy with her handbag.
Penny & I with ours.

Warwick had to join in the fun. Think she likes my bag? She sure is eyeing it.
It was such a fun day, lots of humming machines & laughter with Mamma Mia playing in the background. The door is open is you would like to join us next time.


  1. Oh Rebecca....looks like fun had by all including Warwick. Cats are just too darned funny aren't they? when is next time and I will mark my calendar!

  2. Love all the bags! Amazing how they can look so different, with different fabrics, but the same pattern! Everyone looks like they are having fun!

  3. I love how all the bags look so unique. The fabric choices are so nice. One day, I will get down there so you can show me how to make a bag/purse too. :-)

    love dawn

  4. How wonderful it must be too have a weekly get together for sewing! It looks like you all had fun. Love the bags. Funny that I just made a black and white tote with red accents too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Rebecca it looks like you girls had a fun day , great bags too !

  6. Love all the bags, isn't it soooo great to have friends to share this quilting bug with??
    A Great picture.

  7. It's so funny to hear you say Mama Mia is playing in the background... I have that on my Ipod in my sewing room. It's playing all the time :)
    Nice to meet Penny, we've heard so much about her... tell her hi from your BC friend!

  8. Love all the bags! Amazing how they can look so different, with different fabrics, Work from home India