Friday, January 22, 2010

It's snowing again and I am just loving it. Everything is so beautiful & peaceful. However the down side to all this snow, is the power keeps going out. Now I know it can be cozy to sit by the fire, cook dinner on the camp stove, have great conversations, & even play some board games by candle light. However by the second day it gets old, because I would love to take a hot shower, & do some sewing at my sewing machine.

So let me wish all a happy weekend, & post this before I loose power again.


  1. Rebecca
    Those pics are awesome !!! Thank you for sharing


  2. Wow, so pretty!
    Send some snow up here.
    It's in the 50's here today.

  3. That looks just like a fairy tale setting... so pretty. I almost miss the snow...LOL... ALMOST :) Hope your power comes back on soon.

  4. Here is a link to the quilt along I am going to participate in.
    I guess the "button" I put on my sidebar, is just a cute little button.
    Not necessarily a "link"
    I may have talked my daughter into doing this with me too.
    I was going to buy some fabric this week, but it turns out that JoAnn isn't having a sale.
    So I'll wait till next week, hopefully by then they'll have a sale again.

    love dawn