Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does anyone know why the box regarding photobucket has all of a sudden been showing up? I get my photos from my computer not my photobucket so don't understand why that would show up. Any help would be most helpful.


  1. YES I DO!! This happened to me and many others last Friday. Don't panic like I is an easy fix. The Cutest Blog on the Block gave warning on their blog that this was happening and I didn't know. just go back to their site and find your background or pick another (like I did) and follow the directions like you did the first time you added the background and TA DA...fixed!

  2. is fixed and so you!

  3. Yes yeah it is fixed. Thank you Mary for your help. I feel so much better now with a background that is pretty instead of plain white.
    Hey Deb, I couldn't resist PINK. lol