Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer fun

Hello my bloggy friends, I'm sure someone somewhere has been asking, "Why don't she write?"
This summer has been quite busy with adventures & trips. In fact we just got back from a wonderful time in Las Vegas. Now we aren't gamblers, we enjoy going to shows & having wonderful meals. Throw in some shopping, & it's simply great.

Now I would like for you to meet Ruby. She is the new member of my family & I have fallen in love with her. Isn't she pretty? I have been embroidering like crazy. I was scared of the computer designing part, but the teacher where I got the machine was so good. Also the program is so user friendly it was easy to learn. However I still have LOTS to learn & practice.

I signed up for a summer mug rug swap at the Quilt & Needle forum & made this for Gerda. I can't get over how much detail is in the embroidery pattern. The clouds alone have three colors. Then the shell almost looks 3d. This one was to much fun to do I made a 2nd one for another friend of mine who love the beach.
I made this cute chicken thing for my kitchen. Don't you love the embroidered checker board border? These patterns came from Embroidery Library, where I can spend hrs. looking around. I am so hooked on this.

Now this one is going on the wall in my sewing room. Pink & black are the colors in my sewing room so this will go perfectly. I think she is such a pretty lady, so prim & proper.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Gosh Rebecca, what a delightful update and such lovely things you've created. How special. I love everything - chickens are a real hit! But the sweet "Sewing Mends the Soul" really is a special, very special treat.

  2. Beautiful, Rebecca! I have never really felt tempted to attempt this type of embroidery. Your pretty seashell mug rug and kitchen chickens make me want to try. No wonderful machine here, though ... I will have to add this to my wish list. Please keep those pictures and updates coming. I love to visit Rebecca's Sewing Room ... :) Pat

  3. It's so good see a posting from you! I figured you were out enjoying the summer but I had no idea you were out machine shopping... nice! :) Ruby will be a great addition to your sewing room. Have fun with it. One of my chattertime friends has one and makes the most beautiful quilts. I know you'll do the same.. you have a great eye for color. The mug rug is so sweet... LOVE that lake picture, the water and the sailboat.
    I just came up from the sewing room where I was putting together a happy block quilt... got me to thinking about all my friends that I haven't had time to chat with lately. Miss all of you!

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    WOW what wonderful creations you have made. I love all the details and your swap gift is just stunning. Your new friend named Ruby is a beauty!! I can see many happy hours for you and her together creating gorgeous treasures.
    The design for your sewing room is so pretty. Love the colors.
    So nice to see you today and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have fun with your creating and happy times this summer.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  5. Rebecca ... have you found this blog?

    For some reason, when I read Susan's posts I always think of you. Enjoy ... :) Pat

  6. Hi!

    I like your new friend Ruby and I know you will love it for ever and ever. I used to sell Viking sewing machines and they are the greatest machines. It feels like you are sewing on a cloud. I love mine but it doesn't do embroidery. It has about a million stitches on it though.

    I look forward to seeing more of your projects. :D


  7. Love what you create sweet friend. Thank you for visiting me today. I'm going to PRAY you find a dress form for YOU YOU YOU!


  8. Thank you for visiting me today Miss Rebecca! I love my two sisters so very much! God's blessing in my life!

    Happy Labor Day...enjoy the down day (what is that????) :) :) :)


  9. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)