Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well it is now 2014 so perhaps I should start posting on my blog again.  I had to take a break for personal reasons.  We shall see how I do.
I have been keeping busy sewing.  I made Christmas tree wall hangings for my girlfriends.  I made five in all & my was it a lot of work cutting all those squares.  I used the 2in twister tool & I strained my hand from the way you have to cut with that tiny tool.
I still want to make one for myself.  There is something I love about those twisters.

I made this sweet kitty for my friend Penny's birthday & it was a hit.  There is a whole series of different kittys.
Well then Phyllis told me she loved Penny's gift so much but wanted me to make her a bunny. Now I didn't have a bunny pattern, but had another kitty & added bunny ears.  I think it turned out so cute.
What do you think?  I just love those sweet eyes.


  1. All of these are adorable. It is good to have you back.

  2. querida amiga Rebeca,una visita rapidita para decirte que aunque no te deje mensajes siempre por falta de tiempo veo tus actualizaciones gustaria seguir contando con tu amistad bloguera..y que si tienes mas tiempo que yo no dudes en dejarme tus comentarios..que me encanta recibirlos...en cuanto puedo vuelvo por aqui ..un abrazo desde MENORCA

  3. Lovely projects Rebecca. So nice to see you again!!! ((HUGS))