Monday, May 11, 2009

It's coming along

I went to our local quilt show with my friend Penny, & found this great kit. I loved the colors and the pattern.

I have the dresden plate finished along with the pieced background, now need to sew the plate down, then add two borders.

In between working on my little quilt, I and doing my first round robin from The Quilt & Needle form I am a member of. I added the second border to Jenn's medallion.
I have to say doing a round robin is so much fun. It really challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone.
So I've been busy, busy, busy, which is a good thing.



  1. Love that Dresden Plate and woah, your round robin is really rockin' as well!!!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful Dresen Plate quilt top! I've never seen that pattern....thanks for sharing!!

  3. Your kit is really pretty... love the soft colors. Im working on a little quilt also... a challenge quilt from my quilt shop. We each got a small packet of fabrics and have to make a 24x24" quilt. Still drawing it up but I want something soft and pretty but yet summery and nautical also. Alot to ask, isnt it.

  4. LOVE your kit, and the fabric is very pretty! Can't wait to see it done!