Thursday, June 4, 2009

I need help

Ok my blogging friends, I need help. I can't figure out how to add things to my sidebar. When I go to Layout section to edit, I don't even see where the sidebar is to add things to. I know I am showing how new I am to computer stuff, but I can learn I just need some help.
I wanted to join Jane's swap but needed to add her button to my side bar & couldn't figure out how to do so. Thanks for any help.
Rebecca P


  1. First a question. Does Jane's swap button have html code for you to use? Can you provide a link so I can see what her "button" looks like? Then I can help you from there.


  2. Dawn, here is the link
    she is also in my reading list. Thanks for any help you can give, there are several "button"s I would like to add to my side bar.

  3. Okay, I sent you a detailed explanation to your email. Let me know if it doesn't work.

  4. Did you know you can reposition all those things you have added to your sidebar too? In case you want to move the "About Me" section back to the top.

    Just go back to the page elements section of the Layout page.

    Click on (and hold) whatever element you want to move (example: About Me). Drag to the top of that column, then let go of the mouse clicker. Voila! You've just moved an element.

  5. LOL looks like you got a bunch of help for your question.. I see my button is on your blog ;)
    Thank you for joining in on my block swap :) Also thank you for marking me as a favorite ;)
    Please visit often... theres always something going on :)