Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Well, it is another Father's Day, and I send my Father all my Love on this special day.
He doesn't know it's Father's Day, he doesn't even know my name anymore due to the cruel disease of Alzheimer's, but I celebrate anyway because I remember for him.
He is my hero & I love him.

Happy Father's day to you POP.
Love, your daughter.


  1. I believe, Rebecca, that somewhere... deep down inside of him, he knows you. And he loves you so much too. :-)


  2. That so sweet of you to remember him on his day. The pic of you and your family is cute :)

  3. His soul and spirit, that part of us that science can't find but we know is there, well that hidden part of "Dad" - that part senses and knows. Much Love and hugs, *karendianne.