Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back from my retreat

I'm back from my three day free motion quilting retreat. My sewing buddy Penny was planning on going with me but had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. I was very sad, however Gregg stepped up & went with me. The class was in Trinidad CA ,8 hrs. away so I am so glad he was willing to do the driving. The road to get there is very curvy so he was excited to take the Porsche. I was quite amazed all of my sewing stuff fit.

My teacher was Jill Schumacker, & she was wonderful. I learned so much & had such a wonderful time.
Now truth be told, the first day I was a little nervous. I walked into a room with 30 something quilters without a buddy, all by myself & my heart went into my throat. However, quilters are wonderful people. They are so friendly, and welcoming. Right away I felt right at ease.

So, here is the whole cloth I quilted at the retreat. I must say I am rather proud of myself. I wanted to learn small detail quilting & accomplished that. Now I need to do more practicing of course. Every once in awhile you can see my like waved where I took a breath.
The fabric we purchased from Jill at the class is so yummy. It is called radiance by Robert Kauffman. It is like silk.

Wish my photos were better, but you get the idea. Think I will make this into a pillow.
Then on the way home we stayed at this Bed & Breakfast in Napa. It was so beautiful I really hated to leave.
This is the main house at Beringer winery. Isn't it beautiful?
So I had a wonderful time & am ready to go again next year.
Happy day to all,


  1. Oh Rebecca, I am so happy you had someone to go with you and keep you company. What a gorgeous piece of fabric. I love to use Robert Kauffman fabrics when I create my crafts. Your quilting is just perfect and I can't wait to see more. The B&B is a delight but of course you can't go wrong in Napa can you? Beautiful, just beautiful. Char

  2. Wow, you did such a great job. I think that piece would look lovely as a pillow. I do love Napa too. It is so pretty up there.

  3. Rebecca ... beautiful quilting! I agree this would make a lovely pillow. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. It is so nice that your hubby was able to enjoy it with you. Thanks for sharing ... :-) Pat

  4. You are making me miss the Sonoma Napa area where I usually live...not that I don't have everything a person needs where I am, but root is roots...
    Sewing roots deeply doesn't it?
    When I have a chance I will have to look at more of your artistry.
    best wishes, Jeannette