Sunday, March 14, 2010

Round Robin

Well I joined another Round Robin & having such a good time coming up with borders for the medallions.
I just finished the second border for Deb's medallion. I think it looks like a Navajo blanket & love how it turned out. This will be for her Husband Al, hope he likes it.

Friday was such a funny day, I think I just wasn't on my game. It started out like any other Friday. Penny was coming over for sew day, something I always look forward to.

Now on sew days, I like to make something easy for dinner because I'm quite tired after a fun filled day of sewing & laughter.
So I put a left over chicken carcase in a large pot to make chicken soup for dinner. It smelled so good all day I couldn't wait until it was dinner time.
Well, about 3:oo o'clock I went in the kitchen to strain the bones so I could add my freshly cut vegetables, & pieces of fresh chicken to the broth.
Got my hot pads out & poured the bones into the colander, lifted the colander out of the way & let out a cry of "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!"
I forgot to put a pot under the colander & all my beautiful chicken broth that had been cooking all day, was now down the drain.

Now picture Homer Simpson slapping his forehead & saying d'oh! That was me.
Penny came out to find out what was wrong & when I told her she laughed until she cried. Hum, she was probably glad it was me.

Good weekend to all,


  1. Just so you don't feel too bad, I've done that before too. Not just once. But twice!!! Ack - how can I be so dense???
    I hope you ended up having a good dinner anyways.
    Love you!

  2. That's how I make my chicken soup also but (knock on wood) so far I haven't poured it down the drain! LOL... You were probably just in a HUGE hurry to get back to sewing, which is perfectly understandable :)
    Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL border on my medallion.. I'm just LOVING this quilt and I'm sure Al will too.

  3. tears have finally dried from laughing so hard about your soup "down the drain" experience!! I really didn't mean to laugh....but everyone needs to understand the "picture" of you standing with hands on hips saying "I have got to be the stupidest woman in the whole world"....I was NOT expecting your answer when I said "why...what happened?"....Oh are such a good friend.....thanks for the good laugh, even though it was sad what happened!!

    Love you!!!! Penny