Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey all, yes I am still around. Haven't stopped by lately because,
well, I broke my other lap top and had to wait to get a new one . Yes, you read that right, I broke my computer. Very silly really, the other night the cats were fighting, & I jumped up to stop it & I guess I put the computer down too hard on the footstool . The screen flipped back...way too far & broke. It was just hanging there by some wires like a broken leg. Turns out to repair it would cost about the same as a new lap top, so here I am with a new one. Gregg now calls me amazon women. Guess I am stronger than I thought. Always thought I was a delicate flower. haha

So here I am on my new laptop & loving it. Much faster and all.
I joined a pincushion swap at Block Central forum. My partner likes chickens, & I found this cute pattern. It has beads for the comb & feet. Isn't it cute? It has a little caddy on it's back to hold thread & scissors . It is by Art Fabric Studio.
I made up one for my sewing room because the go together quite fast. You will never guess what color I made for myself. Deb & Penny know, yes it is Pink of course. I just need to sew the beads on that one.

Then I made this one too. Very Victorian and feminine.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit, until later,


  1. Oh wow how cute! I love that chicken. You know, I brought back some chicken fabric just like this from Daph. Interested in some? You could make more for your friends. hee!

    Your very Victorian and pretty pincushion is divine. The detail is supreme, Rebecca. Such delighting and pretty things you share today. Thank you for the display!

  2. I love the fabric you used for the chicken. It gives the look of feathers.


  3. I'm glad you like your new laptop. Funny way to get a new one!
    Love the chicken and the Victorian pincushion too. So pretty.
    love you!

  4. OHHHH Love your pincushions, Rebecca! I can't wait to see the pink chicken :)!

  5. I too want to see a pink chicken!!