Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good morning everyone,
It is a beautiful rainy day here in my neck of the woods. It is exciting because California needs the rain so badly.

I thought I would share with you what I have been working on.
My Father was a preacher & when he passed away I took his ties planning on making something with them, and let me tell you he had a lot of ties. Well I have been making little quilts with them. Those little churn dashes are 3in. aren't they so cute?

 My friend Deb made a cute little quilt with Civil War fabrics & I loved it so much thought I would make one with my Father's ties.   What fun it has been going through his ties & remembering when he wore them.   I sure miss him.   Maybe I will make some for family members, hope they don't think it is dumb. 
Thank you for letting me share.
Hugs, Rebecca

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day a day late, hope you all had a good one.
Today my DH is taking me out to a nice restaurant for my Birthday, I know it will be great.

I need to finish quilting my heart wall hanging.  I couldn't help myself & made it pink, it's my signature color & makes me happy.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well it is now 2014 so perhaps I should start posting on my blog again.  I had to take a break for personal reasons.  We shall see how I do.
I have been keeping busy sewing.  I made Christmas tree wall hangings for my girlfriends.  I made five in all & my was it a lot of work cutting all those squares.  I used the 2in twister tool & I strained my hand from the way you have to cut with that tiny tool.
I still want to make one for myself.  There is something I love about those twisters.

I made this sweet kitty for my friend Penny's birthday & it was a hit.  There is a whole series of different kittys.
Well then Phyllis told me she loved Penny's gift so much but wanted me to make her a bunny. Now I didn't have a bunny pattern, but had another kitty & added bunny ears.  I think it turned out so cute.
What do you think?  I just love those sweet eyes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Need a little help from my friends

Hello everyone,
I am making this darling pink & brown quilt from a kit.  The quilt measures 46 inches sq., but I decided to make it larger to fit my bed.  Which leads me to my quest for some help.  I have been searching for this yummy fabric for the border but can't seem to locate any.

It is pink spirals from the Charleston  collection by Judy Rothermel for Marcas Brothers.
If any one can help me find more of this fabric,  it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a good start of making my blocks.  They are so pretty, I just love pink & brown Civil War quilts.

Thank you for any help some one can give.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back home

Well it is a few days after Christmas and I hope you all had a lovely one.
We spent our on the sands of Hawaii in 80 degree temps.  I was a first for us to be away during the Holidays but spending it relaxing made me think about doing it again.

I did get home in time to have a great Christmas lunch with my girl friends & exchange gifts.  I managed to find time to make them each a darling quilted Christmas tree.  The pattern is by PJ embroidery designs.  You build each piece one at a time & adding them to each other.  I love the bling of the crystales.

I wanted to show you the beautiful Christmas gift my friend Deb
We got to know each other on a quilting forum & have been friends ever since.  I just love the trees & fabric.  Warwick give her stamp of approval.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Deb.
Hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been up to

I have not been posting for quite a while because I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW FORMAT of blog spot.  I simply don't know how to do posts or find blogs anymore. 
Plus life has been crazy.  I probably won't be on for awhile again because this is what we are dealing with.
It's called the robber's fire & is in our back yard.  I have my sewing machine  packed in my truck in case we get the evacuation warning.   Gregg & I ran through what to take if he is at work.  Grab the antique quilts, the cat.   I really hate summers due to the fear of fires.
Please keep us in your prayers.